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The Importance Of Being Open

The Importance Of Being Open

Openness, being open to learning new things, makes us more agile, resilient, and antifragile. It helps us better survive in constantly changing environments.


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Gita Wirjawan shared some inspiration during a conversation with Tomy Yunus, CEO and co-founder of Cakap.

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Always adapting and never committing

If you’re always keeping your options open, you’re constantly second-guessing yourself and that makes you unhappy.

The moment we commit to something, we start being happier with whatever we decided on. This downside is only relevant when there is no new information coming in. A...

Learning agility 🤯

Learning agility 🤯

  • Learning agility is the ability to constantly learn and renovate oneself 
  • Agile learners are good at making connections across experiences 
  • People with this sort of mindset tend to open up to new experiences and learning goals
  • The hab...

Benefits Of Being Open-Minded

  1. One is able to gain fresh insights on things that challenge their existing beliefs, expanding our knowledge pool.
  2. One gets opened up about new experiences and learns new things, eventually growing as a person.
  3. New ideas and experiences mak...

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