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4 – And then garnish with clear goals.

4 – And then garnish with clear goals.

Goals, goals, goals – why is everyone so obsessed about them?

Maybe because they work?

Nowadays, everything is a goal. If you want to achieve something in life, you need a purpose. Otherwise, how could you track it? And if you can’t, how can you know if you achieved something? And how do you know when to stop?

We need goals to put an end to our hunger for more. It is the barrier that keeps us from insanity. Otherwise, we would want to get everything - undoable.

So, build clear goals. Be precise about what you want and when you want it. Make a plan to achieve it, and stick to it.


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Grit has been one of my biggest strengths and flaws altogether. I used to have long streaks of routines and consistency. But then, I would abandon everything and return to my old bad habits.

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Lack of Clear Goals

Lack of Clear Goals

Vague goals can scupper your motivation and progress, so too can the lack of clear and precise goals.

Draw up a plan of where you want to go, and how you are going to get there step by step. 

1) Set clear goals:

If you have a zeal to achieve success then you should have clear and realistic goals. Get to know yourself what you want to do with your goal. Why do you want to achieve it? It is psychologically proven that if an individual has a clue what they want to do with their life or what their goal is, t...

Tips For Finding The Right Goals

Tips For Finding The Right Goals

  • Listen to your discontent. It tells you when something is wrong. And that could be the thing you need to correct.
  • Combine it with something that inspires you to create change. Find something you truly believe in, because the process won’t always be...

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