You Are Unique😇 And So Is Your Journey🐾 - Deepstash
You Are Unique😇 And So Is Your Journey🐾

You Are Unique😇 And So Is Your Journey🐾

First let us agree as soon as we start to pursue a goal🏆, we often find ourselves in the nasty trap of comparison and instead of giving any kind of benefit or boost to your productivity this feeling leads to anxiety🙂😔 and burnouts😮‍💨 so what should we do :

  • Listen 👂 to your heart ❤️ and have faith 🙏🏻.
  • Dont ❌️ compare, learn to evaluate
  • Learn from the achievers 🏅 instead of blindly 😵 following 🚶‍♂️

At the end of the day all this comes to one final thing , "Reorient and Remind yourself that is your own choice to pursue this goal🏔 and you will get there one day🏅."


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Comparisons are inevitable to avoid but for me its important that we should put the art of evaluation above the Comparisons.

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