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Keep God First

Learn to be a channel, not a reservoir. Let things flow to you and through you.

When you put God in the position to run your life you will see more blessings and more prosperity come your way. This also establishes faith and boundaries in connections by emphasizing what is and not needed during the time. It’s a way to live a simple life.


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These simple ideas are really creative and introductory ways to Pursuing God and a better life.

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QM and God

“The idea that there is truth and simplicity behind phenomena, if you wish, you can relate it directly to a faith in God that is a unity that gives rise to everything.

It is not necessary that I want to link the two things.”

There is actually “arrogance,” he countered, in the orthod...

Tend To Your Spiritual Needs

Tend To Your Spiritual Needs

We cannot ignore our spiritual needs and truly live a full and rewarding life.  We must recognize that there is a higher power and pursue our faith regularly.  We may not exercise our beliefs in exactly the same way, but I encourage you to find what works for you and explore it to itse depths.  A...

Keep a "to-don't" list

Keep a "to-don't" list

Remove any items from your to-do list that you're not realistically going to do and put them on a "to-don't" list. 

That way, you aren't wasting any time on the things that don't really matter. This will help you prioritize the more urgent list items and get through everything faster...

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