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The cost of living is just too expensive and as for village life it's contrast. Most of The people in city also needs to eat the food comes from a village and people just ignore this and live life as nothing is related them to a village. The pollution is the main reason for health issues in the city life and less trees even though the awareness campaigns happens people tend to live a city life as it is since, everyone's busy in a city and less cared about what others want to tell let it be whatever.


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I believe in exploring the own mind that delves into the questioning of own self that leads for innovation in life and tech.

Just two life's from a general perspective.

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Choosing The City Life

  • People put up with the noise in the cities and choose to stay there, even though the villages are having no noise pollution.
  • People are used to the hustle-bustle of the city, have friends and family there, and their home too, leading to inertia in moving to a quieter place.
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Criticisms of the Paleo Diet

Criticisms of the Paleo Diet

  •  “This type of diet can get expensive.” It is if you compare the cost of a paleo meal with ramen noodles or bread which contains loads of carbs and empty calories.
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Reading More Advice than You Actually Use

Reading More Advice than You Actually Use

You ought to read a ton of books, and only implement a fraction of the ideas, depending on what you have time for.

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