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What Matters?

What Matters?

At it's core, simplicity is about eliminating excess and focusing on what truly matters. It encourages us to let go of the unnecessary clutter and noise that can cloud our minds and distract us from the essence of life.


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Identify what matters to you

Identify what matters to you

Managing your finances and budgeting is all about removing the unnecessary so that only the essentials remain, similar to minimalism.

Other than financial necessities, in order to easily manage our finances, we must identify the purchases that matter to us because it's eas...

The Pursuit Of Happiness And Well-Being

The Value Fulfillment Theory provides us with a sensible way to understand how ours and others lives could be better. How our choices influence our value fulfilment and helps us reflect on the question: What truly matters to us?

Our values have in-built motivation inside, along wi...

Daily Routines Of Famous People

Our day creates our life. We mistakenly believe that we will work hard, get lucky and eventually achieve success, not knowing that making each day successful is the key to a successful life.

The daily routines of famous people provide us with key ideas on focusing on what ...

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