6. Application Of Gathered Knowledge! - Deepstash
6. Application Of Gathered Knowledge!

6. Application Of Gathered Knowledge!

Put what you learn into practice. Apply your knowledge to real-world situations. Solve problems, create, and innovate. Active application reinforces your understanding and helps you retain information. You got this!


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Why Grit Is Important?

Why Grit Is Important?

  • Effort (which is sustained by grit) is doubly important. 
  •  You must put in effort to hone your natural talents into tangible skills through practice and improvement.
  • You must also put in effort to apply those skills to

Characteristics of Knowledge Workers

  • POSSESSING KNOWLEDGE Be conversant with specific factual & theoretical information. School helps but because knowledge is always being created, information needs to be acquired on a continual basis. 
  • FINDING & ACCESSING INFORMATION Find the right in...

Broader skills benefit more from theory

Direct practice is not the opposite of deep understanding.

A naive approach to mastering, for example, physics problems, is to continue practising exam questions. But practising limited exam questions is not the same as the range of problems you will find in the real world...

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