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A Proposition Is A Picture Of Reality

A Proposition Is A Picture Of Reality

Language functions as a picture of reality. Words and propositions are like pictures that represent the facts of the world, and the meaning of language lies in its ability to mirror these facts accurately.


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My key learning’s from Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus by Ludwig Wittgenstein

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Dogma is not a good representation of reality

The problem with Christianity is that it turned into dogma: focusing on symbols and idols. The ultimate reality is acknowledging that truth lies beyond words. Imaging God as an old man sitting on the throne is nothing but silly, however we tend to personify deities and make ritua...

Types of definitions

  • Reportive definitions aim to accurately capture the meaning of a term as it's ordinarily used.
  • Precising definitions add relevant criteria to a reportive definition to make it more precise for a specific purpose.
  • Stipulative defini...

The essence of meaning

Facts with no meaning are dull.

Tie every fact (or set of facts) you present to a story, to emphasize why knowing these facts will bring value and will influence the perception about the world of the people listening.

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