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What is a service?

A service, simply put, is simply something that helps someone to do something. The parts of a service might be provided by a number of different organisations but, to a user, a service is one continuous set of actions towards that end goal, regardless of who is providing it.


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Services in the internet age are not only defined by the user who’s looking for them but composed of ‘small pieces loosely joined’

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Reason for a Dead End 1. Users are not eligible to use your service

This is the one ‘intentional’ dead end your user might face – where someone has a situation that simply doesn’t fit your service. For example, someone lives too far away for you to deliver to them, or doesn’t meet the criteria your service has set out for another reason.

Although your servi...

Thinking about whole services will change what your service is

  1. Understanding what your user is trying to achieve.
  2. Get a good understanding of who else delivers parts of this service and how they relate to your organization.
  3. Look at your organization’s ability to deliver all of this service; if this isn’t feasible, define what a rational ...

Principle 4. A good service enables a user to complete the outcome they set out to do

A good service helps the user to achieve a goal – be that start a business, learn to drive or move house – in as much of a seamless stream of events as possible. This starts from the moment that a user is considering doing something to the moment they have achieved their goal, including any steps...

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