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There is no perfect life into which we are born, and there is no escape from the terrible reality of suffering, and there is no escape from the beautiful synchronicity of the heart.


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It’s about life and everything in life

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Difference between reel life and real life.

In this era, television and the internet take us to our land of dreams which are so intriguing and hypnotic that we start hating our reality. So, please take a break from this, our reality is also beautiful. We just need a better point of view and perception.

When the chorus starts like this " Oh! What a beautiful life " my heart fills with joy. Life is not suffering as we all think. It is full of love and happiness. It totally depends on how you think, if you think life is full of suffering, you will get more of that.if you think life is beautiful, y...

Unique Circumstances

Unique Circumstances

We need safe, nurturing environments to be our best, to blossom into what we truly are destined for, no matter how big or small, in our unique way.

We are provided with unnecessary pain and suffering by the constant comparison with people who are born radically different from us and ...

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