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Good systems through the right habits

Good systems through the right habits

  1. Why do you want to build a new habit?
  2. Identify your triggers/cues
  3. Define the behavior
  4. Three Rs: 
  • Record your progress
  • Reward yourself
  • Redirect your efforts if you have slipped


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Lifelong Learning

This book gives a great overview of how to identify your life's purpose, prioritize your tasks in accordance with this purpose, and make good decisions in the process.

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“Stack” Your Habits

The best way to turn a behavior into a habit is to use a trigger to remind yourself to do it. Your trigger needs to be something you always do anyway. Anything you already do without thinking works.

As you build new habits, you create new triggers for yourself and stack a new habit onto it....

Know Your Cues

Habits have three main parts: a cue, a routine and a reward. Cues are the context where you tend to engage in the behavior and knowing your triggers can help you avoid them.

Capitalizing on major life changes can also help break an unhealthy habit. Shifts in lifestyle can actually be...

3.d. Implementation: Cultivating Discipline

Identify a Keystone Habit: Choose one small habit that you believe will have a positive ripple effect on your discipline. This could be making your bed each morning, a simple task that sets a tone of accomplishment.


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