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Your thoughts ultimately return to you. Take on the role of your own hero. Just consider what you want out of life, as your thoughts determine your destiny.


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Consider the value

To find out what to keep, determine how much value something is adding to your life.
Decide which are "optional" that you can take a break from for thirty days. As a rule, consider the technology optional unless its temporary removal would harm your life.

2. You can change your circumstances by changing your thoughts.

2. You can change your circumstances by changing your thoughts.

"Man is master of thought, the mold in which he casts his life." This means that you have the power to create your own destiny by controlling your thoughts.

Personal Mission Statement

It consists of thinking long and hard about your life and work. Write down everything that is on your mind, then consider what is most important.

  • You want to know where you want to go.
  • Consider the steps you need to take to get there.
  • Find what hinders ...

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