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Build Things and Surround Yourself with Brainy Folks

Get busy creating stuff and hanging out with sharp minds. That combo will boost your growth and open doors to exciting opportunities.


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Choose the Path Towards Big Achievements

Whether it's going to college, joining a company, or starting your own venture, go for the option that fits your situation and has the most potential for greatness.


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Follow Your Passion, but Be Choosy

Only dive into starting a company if you're truly passionate about the idea. Don't jump into ventures just for the sake of it. Wait for the right opportunity that matches your passion and potential for success.


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Stay Flexible and Financially Savvy

Keep your commitments low and your finances in check. This gives you the freedom to grab opportunities and handle setbacks without breaking a sweat.


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Picture life as a journey with different paths, like bustling streets and hidden lanes. Some paths seem safe, like well-known roads, while others seem risky, like unexplored trails. But the real risk lies in not taking the path that leads to your biggest achievements. Just like a skilled traveler...


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Maximize Learning and Growth

Aim for experiences that teach you the most. Joining a company on the rise or starting a venture based on a killer idea can teach you invaluable lessons and help you grow fast.


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Take the Right Kind of Risks

Don't just play it safe by sticking to college. Sometimes, taking risks, like diving into a startup you're passionate about, can lead to bigger rewards than you imagine.


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19 | Generalist, Content Creator, Student at Christ University. Stashing about entrepreneurship, self-help, spirituality and the most interesting stuff I read.

My notes from Sam Altman's advice

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Surround yourself with the right people

Surround yourself with the right people

Happiness is contagious. 

Surrounding yourself with happy people builds confidence and stimulates creativity, and it's flat-out fun. 

Hanging around negative people has the opposite effect -- they want people to join their pity party so that they can feel better about themselves. 


Creating opportunities for you is not your mentor's job

Unless your mentor is a supervisor or someone senior in your organization, the expectation that he/she will make introductions and open doors is a romantic, but misguided, one.

Instead, mentors prefer empowering their mentees to carve out their own opportunities.

Build a “growth” muscle

Build a “growth” muscle

Rather than seek out opportunities to repeatedly prove your abilities, look for challenges that may encourage learning and growth.

Look for these opportunities to practice perseverance and learn from mistakes. Over time, a “growth” mindset can become an unconscious respons...

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