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Remember, this is just a starting point! The most important thing is to pick a book that sounds interesting to you. Don't be afraid to experiment and try different genres until you find your favorites. Happy reading!mindmap


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Instead of travelling buy a book. I heard it can "take you places".

When I first started reading, I was confused about picking up a good book. On one hand, long books scared me, and on the other, the shorter ones bored me. So here is a small guide to venture into a new genre of literature.

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Solving the first problem

Solving the first problem

The tip is to read all different kinds of books and genres until you find what you truly enjoy. 

TIP: don't be scared to abandon a book that you are not enjoying. You should finish a book because you like it, because you enjoy it. That’s the point.

Trial & Error

Becoming successful is all about trial and error. Be willing to try different things until you succeed. Don't fall from one thing to another. Give it a good chance first.

Pick one thing that has been proven to work, and stay focused until you make it work.

Reading The Book Twice

Anything worth reading is worth reading twice, or even again and again. Just like a great song sounds better after you have listened to it a few times, a great book will give you new insights every time you read it. You will find older passages and ideas relevant to you which were ignored when yo...

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