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Love as a Decision

Love as a Decision

Love transcends feelings and encompasses decisions. It’s about deciding to stay, support, and grow with someone through varying phases of life. This decision-making process is fundamental in maintaining a resilient bond.


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I feel happy when someone Smiles!🥰

Let's understand the psychology of the most powerful word LOVE! We will break it into five main points. LAST ONE IS INTERESTING!🌝

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A good decision-maker doesn't dwell on small choices

A good decision-maker doesn't dwell on small choices

While it’s worth taking time to settle larger decisions, don’t expend too much time and energy on the small stuff.

And don’t stress about the quality of your decision-making on these small choices either. Although the term decision fatigue — i.e., the more...

Why people struggle with decision making

  • The main reason why decision-making is hard is that every decision makes us go through a process that is most times difficult and complex, and having difficulties with any part of it can hinder the whole process.
  • The emotional difficulty that we face when w...

Decision Making Is A Skill

The Regret Minimization Framework can be a great help with the big decisions, which should warrant one’s time and attention, instead of sweating on trivial stuff.

One has to make crucial decisions in life, and this method removes emotion from the equation. It also helps t...

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