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Personal Reflection and Growth

Personal Reflection and Growth

Dr. Sugrue may also highlight the importance of self-reflection in Marcus Aurelius's philosophy. "Meditations" is essentially a diary that demonstrates the emperor's commitment to examining his life and striving for self-improvement and moral integrity.


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Dr. Michael Sugrue, a noted professor of history and philosophy, has shared his insights on Marcus Aurelius and Stoicism in several lectures and presentations. I summarize the key takeaways of Dr. Sugrue's analysis of Marcus Aurelius

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In the Inner Citadel, Hadot applies to Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations his characteristic interpretative approach: treating ancient philosophy as a “way of life” in particular one which provides its students with “spiritual exercises” to enable them to make progress towards wisdom and treating ancie...

Self-Improvement And Self-Discovery Work Together

We live between rigidity and malleability. It means that both self-discovery and self-improvement matter.

  • Self-discovery matters because the goals you set, and the life philosophy you hold, needs to be informed by the parts of yourself that tend to be fixed.

Personal outlook

  • Kindness is more important than you think
  • Not everyone is going to like you and that’s ok
  • You are always better off striving to be the best you rather than be like someone else
  • Your authentic self is a perfect reflection of your experience
  • Laugh at yourse...

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