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Support Science and Research

Support Science and Research

Invest in scientific research to address the challenges facing humanity collaboratively.


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On a personal journey to curate the best practices that have historically fostered peace, mitigated conflict, and ended wars. Part IV is dedicated to Kanishka the Great

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Biohacking And Scientific Research

  • Ancient biohacks like mindfulness meditation are proven and backed by thousands of years of research.
  • Newly marketed fads like near-infrared saunas and implantation of chips inside the body do not yet have significant research, especially on the long-term effects.
  • Some bi...

Science And Pseudoscience

Many people from all sections of society do not trust in science, as they don’t trust the authority of the scientific community. The Pseudo Scientists try to debunk science by:

  • Arguing that the entire scientific consensus is a conspiracy.
  • Getting fake experts to produce info...

Science-Fiction, Connection And Hope

Science-Fiction, Connection And Hope

We may currently lack the technical or social capacity to reach our goals, but the vision of an eventual breakthrough breeds optimism and builds resolve serving as beacons of faith and moral bearings for how we live today.

Portrayals of a better future can also inspire acti...

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