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 “In this world, wherever there is light – there are also shadows”



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Three-point lighting is most commonly used

Three-point lighting is most commonly used

  • The key light is the strongest and brightest light source. Therefore, it makes the strongest shadows.
  • Fill light _"fills in" the shadows cast by the key light and _softens the lighting on the subject and environment. It is placed near the ...

Offset your shadows

Instead of using large blur and spread values to make box shadows more noticeable, add a vertical offset. 

It looks a lot more natural because it simulates a light source shining down from above like we’re used to seeing in the real world.

Hard or harsh lighting

Hard or harsh lighting

Hard or harsh lighting uses smaller light sources to cast large, crisp shadows on the subject while increasing the contrast. The effect is a dramatic, suspenseful atmosphere that evokes a sense of fear or wickedness.

Common sources of lightning:

  • Low-ke...

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