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"Not to desire material things is to know the freedom of spirituality; and to desire them is to suffer the limitations of matter."

Peace is meant to be our natural state. A whirlwind never outlasts the morning, nor a violent rain the day. Just as earth and sky return to peace, so should we.

Those who know others are intelligent; those who understand themselves are enlightened.

The way of the Tao is simple— stop striving, defeat desire. In the absence of striving, there is peace; in the absence of desire, there is satisfaction.

goodness is its own reward.



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Desire & Aspiration

Are two different things. There is an "I" when you say "I want to get enlightened." This is desire. Ego. Small I.

But aspiration transcendens the idea of self. It is desire without attachment.

Considering spirituality

Some psychologists and philosophers suggest that studying the roles of awe and the small self can help us better understand spirituality. Psychologist William James suggests that we can experience union with something larger than ourselves and, in that union, find our greatest peace.


4. Service Spirituality

This is one of the most common types of spirituality. It’s because people experience spiritual peace when they serve others.   

There are many ways to achieve this spirituality, but the core of it is helping others without expecting nothing in return. Doing somethi...

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