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What do you stand for?

What do you believe in?

Why do you care?

A lack of personal identity holds you back. You’ll need to dive into why you do the things you do, and the deeper issues you might be facing.


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Confidence doesn’t come from 15 minute YouTube videos. It’s something that takes time and hard work to develop. This is your guide to becoming confident in your life.

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Get Outside Help

Sometimes turning a codependent relationship into a more interdependent one isn't as easy. For some, deeper issues can be the reason behind why they feel like they can't do or be anything without their partner. 

Therapy can be a helpful tool in working through the origin of codependency iss...

Caring What People Think

Caring What People Think

We are building self-doubt by caring about what people think, something which holds us back to do what we want to do.

We need to accomplish something that will be admired, but not be bothered by what people say or think during the entire process. Most people do not care about you and are t...

Any change can cause conflict

You don't have to do anything wrong; you just have to change. You’ll be teased, made fun of, joked about, frowned upon, mocked, or end up being excluded.

People around you may simply react to you for being different from themselves or the group. They still care about you, but just ...

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