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Question Rigid Norms

Question Rigid Norms

Don't be afraid to question societal norms and expectations. Sometimes, bending rules can lead to innovative solutions and progress.


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Alan Watts advocated balancing beneficence and rascality for a healthy life. Excessive virtue can lead to rigidity, while playful rascality promotes flexibility, creativity, and authenticity. Embracing the full spectrum of human nature helps achieve harmony between order and mischief.

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Defining group norms

Defining group norms

Group norms are the set of informal and formal ground rules that specify how people interact. The rules help members of the group determine how to behave. Advantages of clear ground rules within teams:

  • Meetings and communication are more constructive.

Gently enforce the norms

It's normal to expect that these rules will be bent or broken. The transition from unspoken to written norms can be smoother when it is decided in advance how to deal with the offense.

If you don't call attention to that norm, you inadvertently create a second set of norms.

Why we Behave Differently Online

John Suler, 2001 - The Disinhibition Effect

  • We don't know or see the people we are communicating with.
  • They don't know or see us.
  • Communication is instant without rules or accountability.
  • Takes place in what feels like an alternative reality.


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