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The Advantages of Post-Internet Life

The Advantages of Post-Internet Life

Despite the nostalgia, the internet has advantages that we didn’t have before. Now, you can know what’s happening around the world instantly without waiting for the morning newspaper or your favourite news channel. You control what news you want to watch and what to skip, rather than being subjected to everything TV hosts decide to show.

Today, you don’t have to wait until you meet your friends to see them. Video calls make it feel like they’re right in front of you. Imagine how difficult it was for long-distance relationships to survive on letters alone.


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The title might seem a bit ironic, considering the internet was already around when I was born. However, it wasn’t as accessible as it is today. Back then, not everyone had access to the internet. Kids and teens weren’t constantly doing Google searches or scrolling through social media feeds. Instead, we eagerly went to school to discuss the latest Dragon Ball Z episode or the WrestleMania matches we woke up early to watch (thanks to the time difference in India). We wandered the city without Google Maps or iMaps and still found our way home safely.

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