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The Future of the Internet

The Future of the Internet

Who knows what the future holds? The internet has already made a world without it seem impossible to some extent. But what if there’s even more to come? The advancements ahead might make a world without the internet unthinkable.


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The title might seem a bit ironic, considering the internet was already around when I was born. However, it wasn’t as accessible as it is today. Back then, not everyone had access to the internet. Kids and teens weren’t constantly doing Google searches or scrolling through social media feeds. Instead, we eagerly went to school to discuss the latest Dragon Ball Z episode or the WrestleMania matches we woke up early to watch (thanks to the time difference in India). We wandered the city without Google Maps or iMaps and still found our way home safely.

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Unsurprisingly, psychologists are now giving serious consideration to the web, recognizing that it may be a very addictive outlet. It allows unfettered control to engage in nearly anything, and some countries like Japan and South Korea have had serious problems

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