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Interpreting IQ Scores

Interpreting IQ Scores

IQ scores are typically reported as a standard score with an average of 100 and a standard deviation of 15


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Professor of Cognitive Psychology

IQ testing is a valuable tool for assessing cognitive abilities and guiding decisions in educational, clinical, and occupational settings. Understanding the components, process, and interpretation of IQ tests can empower individuals to utilize this information effectively. By recognizing the strengths and areas for development identified through IQ testing, individuals can pursue strategies to enhance their cognitive abilities and achieve their full potential.

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IQ: Intelligence Quotient

IQ: Intelligence Quotient

  • The IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is a test to measure a person’s cognitive ability, using a standardized scale of Median=100.
  • The test has questions that score us on our ability to solve problems, perceive relationships between concepts and our ability to process inf...

The reason for different scores

Mortgage lenders usually use FICO scores to determine one's ability to pay them back. Since the three credit bureau scores are different, some banks look at all of them to get an average, or tri-merge, score.

Two common factors in determining your creditworthiness are timely pa...

IQ and EQ

There is no correlation between IQ and EQ scores.

IQ has no connection with how people understand and deal with their emotions and the emotions of others (EQ). 

You simply can’t predict emotional intelligence based on how smart someone is.

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