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6. Buy Less (and Higher Quality)

6. Buy Less (and Higher Quality)

Buying cheaper goods may feel more "cheap", but in the long run, you sometimes spend more repairing or replacing them. Buy fewer items, but of higher quality, to reduce waste and costs in the long run.


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Minimalism is a lifestyle that emphasizes simplicity and intentional living. It involves decluttering physical possessions, focusing on what truly matters, and reducing waste. By doing so, minimalists create more space for meaningful experiences and contribute to a sustainable environment. 🌿🌱

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Going for quality

Cheaper clothes usually mean cheaper material and bad resistance. But quality doesn’t have to be expensive. You can find secondhand quality clothing items in special stores or online.
Just don't use the quality excuse to spend even more on stuff you don’t need.

Buy quality

Poor people buy cheap clothes that have to be replaced much more often than the more expensive clothes rich people buy. In the end, poor people spend more money.

Buy quality.  Spend the most on the things you will wear the most. Take proper care of your things too, so they last l...

Save Money

Save Money

  • Lower your cell phone bill by downgrading your plan if you don’t need all you are paying for.
  • Don’t outsource household services when possible.
  • Stop tithing, at least temporarily. Most religious groups are supportive of this if you need time to get...

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