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Impact Bias and Misjudgment of Future Happiness

Impact Bias and Misjudgment of Future Happiness

Research has uncovered a phenomenon known as impact bias, where individuals tend to overestimate the emotional impact of future events.

Studies comparing lottery winners and paraplegics revealed that, contrary to popular belief, both groups report similar levels of happiness a year after their respective life-changing events.

This indicates that our brains often misjudge the long-term emotional outcomes of significant experiences.

The misjudgment is a testament to the brain's complex functioning and highlights the psychological mechanisms that influence our perception of happiness.


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Along the path of its evolution, the human brain has undergone a transformative evolution, increasing in size and complexity. This remarkable growth, particularly in the prefrontal cortex, has equipped humans with unique cognitive abilities, including the power to simulate experiences before they occur. Such capabilities have profound implications for our understanding of happiness and decision-making.

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