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Last Resor

Last Resor

Looking no other way, he decided to call his friend Bill. Josh used to bully him for being ignorant and rebellious. After telling his situation, Bill told him to meet at a hotel. When Josh arrived, he was shocked to see the fancy hotel and wondered why Bill had called him here. But what surprised him more was Bill's appea


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Who says we need a degree to be a business-man? Read this book properly and you'll have most of the topics covered.

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My Dharma is too expensive

A student asked master Huang Bong to teach him Dharma but the master said it is too expensive.

The student offered him all the money he had only to get the same answer. After intense study he offered his life, then his mind but got the same answer.

Finally he said that the sky is b...

1992 — Bush v. Clinton v. Perot

1992 — Bush v. Clinton v. Perot

The unusual inclusion of a third party candidate insured an even greater level of interest in the 1992 presidential debates.

The first so-called "town hall" format was introduced. This format was very favorable to the Arkansas Gov, Bill Clinton, who was known for his physical comfo...

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