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What Being An Autodidact Means

What Being An Autodidact Means

An Autodidact is a person that chooses their topics, learning resources and schedule to learn what they want, when they want.

Being an autodidact (a self-taught person) requires discipline and a love for learning.


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Learn what you want

People learn when they are self-motivated, not when someone comes in front of them for four hours a week, and tells something to them.

Start learning what you want, since that is what actually matters — that is what you must care about.

Learning at the wrong time

People learn best when they have to learn. Applying what’s learned to real-world situations strengthens one’s focus and determination to learn.

Today’s employees often learn uniform topics, on schedule, and at a time when it bears little immediate relevance to their role — thus lea...

Discover your child's Interests

In school, children have to follow a specific curriculum regardless of their feelings toward the subject. Homeschooling allows for a customizable education that fit your kid's interest and preference for learning.

You won't know what your kid wants to learn if they don't ge...

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