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3. Goodness

3. Goodness

Technology feeds both our hearts and minds. As we seek wisdom and guiding principles to help, tech—commonly, in the form of Google—plays a tremendous role in shaping our sense of right and wrong.

From politics to personality , today’s tech oracles are spewing a precarious collection of algorithms, data, and perspective. What’s right is now reinterpreted by what possible.

1. Truth

1. Truth

While truth represents the cornerstone of various aspects of society, this very foundation is under stress from technology’s ability to reproduce or even “fake” a reality that cannot be discerned from the original.

Our senses no longer provide a safe haven for reality but are subject to technological victimization.

2. Beauty

2. Beauty

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yet today’s technological influences can project a reality where beauty can extend into the very process of viewing—the user experience.

Augmented, virtual, and mixed reality will become the new artist’s brush to translate a conventional sense of beauty into a multidimensional sensory experience.

4. Unity

4. Unity

Technology is making the world smaller and bringing individuals closer together. From the ancient “thou art that” to the contemporary idea of crowdsourcing, these connections drive art, wisdom, commerce, and even a new human understanding around politics and world peace.

Our collective engagement results in a democratization of data, ideas and the very social structure that can exercise power in the interest of all.

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