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Adapting and Flexibility

Sometimes you might prioritize a task only to have expectations or deliverables change on you. At this point it’s hard not to be disappointed. But you can’t let that skew your judgment.

Humans are especially susceptible to the “sunk cost fallacy” —a psychological effect where we feel compelled to continue doing something just because we’ve already put time and effort into it.

Don't be that person, learn from your mistakes and move on.


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But this is not true,Things could turn out differently if you don’t skip the vey vital step of “writing down your priorities” and we will explore that in this article.


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When looking at how to prioritize tasks best, ask which one of the quadrants they best fit in:

Urgent and Important : Do these tasks as soon as possible

Important, but not urgent: Decide when you’ll do these and s...


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Establishing your goals/actions in order of importance or urgency is termed prioritizing. You may think to yourself that the reason you don’t do the right things at the right time is because you don’t prioritize.


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Defining your priorities using the three list method

Think of this process as a brain dump. You want to get every possible thing that pulls at your attention out of your head and write them on paper.


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The weekly calendar

For your weekly calendar. Make it your basic time budgeting guide. List your courses, work, study time, recreation, meals, TV, relaxation, etc. be flexible, adapt your schedule to changing needs. Keep your schedule handy and refer to it often. If it doesn’t work, change it.


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The daily list: "Things to do"

Write down all the things (not on your calendar) that you want to do today . Things like homework due or tests to take or tasks you want to emphasize. Also include shopping, personal calls, etc. This list is a reminder. Use it to set priorities and to reduce decision-making and worry. If time is ...


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The Monthly list

This can be one or two lists, a weekly list and/or a monthly list. Put down your goals and things you have to do. What do you want to accomplish over the next month? What do you need to buy? Use this list to keep track of all your commitments. If you’re worried about something, put it on this lis...


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Trimming your list

Writing down your goals and classifying them is a good start to prioritizing your objectives, the next thing to do is to cut each list to size. There will be some tasks in your list that you do not actually need and some that have been improperly ranked, for this you will apply the Eisenhower met...


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The Eisenhower matrix

The Eisenhower matrix

Developed by former US president Dwight Eisenhower, the matrix is a simple four-quadrant box that helps you separate “urgent” tasks from “important” ones.


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The sunk cost fallacy

Humans are especially susceptible to the “sunk cost fallacy”—a psychological effect where we feel compelled to continue doing something just because we’ve already put time and effort into it.

But the reality is that no matter what you spend your time doing, you can never get that time ba...

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