Problem Solving


We don’t use much of what we learn at school in our daily lives. The real-world, practical skills we acquire after school are mostly through imitation, self-learning and experimentation.

Traditional, hard skills, taught after school, like engineering, accounting, programming etc., are valued and are easy to measure. However, these skills are not permanent, and may only be valuable in the job market for a short while.

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Problem Solving


When distraction is just a click away, it is hard to learn something. Time is a huge barrier to progress, but it is our choices of where we put our attention and effort that really impacts our learning.

The way out of this is to suspend all activities we normally spend our time on, like the TV, smartphones, games, and social media. Then slowly reintroduce the ones we cannot live without. This way we will have plenty of time to accommodate learning.

  • A university degree is now considered to be the ultimate status symbol for entry into the middle classes across the world. It is a basic requirement for any professional occupation.
  • Certificates are not meaningless. There is still a so-called graduate premium in economic terms because employers value the added skills.
  • In social terms, a university degree provides non-market benefits that are difficult to measure, including longer life expectancy, more leisure time, social mobility, and lower propensity to commit crime.

There is no such thing as "good worry". Instead of worrying, try to do the following:

  • When you want to focus on the problem, do so in an open-minded, calm, and non-judgmental way.
  • Define the problem.
  • Identify your ultimate goals.
  • Remember to think positive.
  • If you find yourself steering toward negative thinking, try to let those thoughts go, and refocus your mind on the problem.
Shoshin: The beginner's mind

Shoshin is the Japanese Zen term for a "beginner's mind' and refers to a paradox: The more knowledge you have on a subject, the more likely you are to close your mind to further learning.

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