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  1. The two-kilometer long red carpet is changed thrice a day.
  2. People fund the festival's budget, which is roughly 20 million Euros.
  3. Movies from six new languages were added in 2010 to broaden the international appeal.
  4. The first Cannes film festival was proposed in 1939, but was cancelled due to World War II.
  5. Critics Emile Vuillermoz, Rene Jeanne along with writer Philippe Erlanger cooked up the idea of the Cannes Festival.
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Self Improvement


Prolific Minds Keep On Giving
  • Pablo Picasso was a great artist who created 50,000 works of art in his life. He devoted his life to art and every idea he had, had to be captured on canvas;
  • Thomas Edison, over the course of his lifetime, had acquired more than a thousand patents. He was not only an inventor but also was a manufacturer and a businessman;
  • Barbara Cortland was a profound writer who wrote 723 novels and until the moment she died, she had 160 unpublished novels that were waiting to be published;
  • Seth Godin published a post every day for over a decade and was a best selling author of 17 books.

In April 1874, under the guidance of social activist Etty Wheeler, 10-year-old Mary Ellen Wilson told a New York court of her almost daily whipping by her stepmother. The request for intervention was repeatedly refused, and Wheeler turned to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) for help.

Its president Henry Bergh agreed that the child was not her guardians' property and established American Humane, an NGO fighting to protect harmed creatures, including children.

It takes time for our minds to process the situation properly. Practice patience because you do not need all of the answers right at this instant. Like with any creative process, the first answers aren't usually the best ones.

Keep in mind that the right answers will arrive in due time.

Good environments are a blend of talent, technology, tolerance, transparency and transcendence.

  1. A place that makes you shine and brings out the best in you.
  2. Encourages you to make smart, right choices every day, like saving money by riding a bicycle, or eating an apple instead of a pack of Lays.
  3. Promotes moving towards good decisions and accelerating your success.

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