Self Improvement


The pursuit of change is ingrained in us, as most of us want to change our clothes, car, house etc., just to attain something better. 

We can have an alternative view about our present life, believing that change is optional and we are good and happy with how life is right now. 

It is a good way to live in contentment with things we cannot change.

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Self Improvement


The Supreme Court has exclusive discretion over its caseload and hears about a hundred cases per term, which begins on the first Monday of October and ends in late June. 

It receives about 7000 review requests over decisions each year, called certiorari requests, which at least four justices go through.

  • My Neighbours the Yamadas (1999) is a tale that starts as a family comedy but then turns into surreal territory.
  • Kiki's Delivery Service (2003) A 13-year-old witch, Kiki, hops on her broomstick with her cat to offer her witchy services to the citizens of a town. Things don't go as planned, and Kiki learns from her mistakes.

Being kind to the mind depends on understanding how our minds work.

For example, studies show that people often overestimate how transparent they appear to others. In one study, participants induced to lie overestimated the extent to which others could tell they were lying.

Being an authentic person means having specific opinions and values, and people who have different values will not like what you say or do.

To overcome the fear of being your authentic self:

  • Show that excellence is not tied to external packaging.
  • Bring yourself to work, then be excellent.
  • Show that your work is going to bring value, even with blue hair or braids.

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