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Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations


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Positive Affirmations

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My implacable urge to serve my community

I'm compassionate and humble for the needy. I'm conscious of my duties. I see in every human an opportunity to offer my wisdom. My implacable urge to serve my community has kept me intact on the path of righteousness. I revere those who work for the betterment of society. I'm thankful to God for cramming my life with joy and bliss. Im overwhelmed by the abundance of ecstasy.

-Affirm To Accomplish


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That's How You Affirm Assertively

I'm ready for the day and I'm prepared to accomplish my targets. I know I can turn my dreams into reality. I have proved myself in the past that I can do whatever I think of. I'm confident that I'll achieve whatever I have aimed for. Today I'll utilize every moment to produce fruitful results. My passionate urge to spend today as the most productive day will bring wonderful joy. 


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I have seen better days. Sometimes life is hard to take and it gets harder to take it all alone. But I am not alone! I have dreams to chase and melodies to surpass the dark days. I have limitless space to unfold my true potential. I'm the one who needs no one to fire up. 'Cause I'm strong and I have a mind which is positively wired up.


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Let's Affirm It.

Slowly and steadily I'm regaining my pace. I'm trying every day to build back my stamina. I'm practising hard enough to improve my endurance. I'm feeling me getting success at my endeavours. My consistent practise will soon reap me auspicious results. My habits are fueling energy to me and I'm no longer a lethargic person instead I'm lively and agile to maintain my life perfectly.

-Affirm To Accomplish


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Positive Thought Of The Day

A clear-calm mind is what everybody wants and I'm grateful for having it. I feel utmost silence in my mind such that I can focus on anything effectively. I feel a gentle sensation throughout my body as a result of deep meditation. I have attained control over my mind and I allow only positive thoughts to enter in. My habits have uplifted my mood and I'm happy about this. 


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Enjoy The Boon Of Life.

With several years of practice and patience, I gleaned pieces of knowledge about human nature. I now do not hold grudges. I am devoid of envy or hatred. I sequester myself from falling in hate and sorrow. I neither expect others to be a cause of my happiness nor do I long for eternal joy. I'm satisfied with a boon to enjoy the sparse nature of hardship and prosperity.

-Affirm To Accomplish


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Be More Mindful

I wake up feeling a sense of achievement and satisfaction. I feel gratitude as soon as I open my eyes. I start my morning happily and gracefully. I thank the supreme creator for granting me another beautiful day to live. I'm satisfied with what I have. I know where my happiness lies and how to embrace it. There is much more in life worth experiencing. Let's give a more minute being mindful. Mindful of biblichor while reading, mindful of breath while breathing and mindful of taste while eating. I cherish the lesson life has taught me. I believe that this life is for living, not for bypassing.


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Affirmations are good source of inspiration and hope. It brings positivity and adds motivation to our life. Practice reciting our positive affirmations right in the morning & repeat it several times during the day. Follow us for daily notification


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