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Python: Seventeen

Python: Seventeen


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Python: Seventeen

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Learning Python: Conditional statements for loops

Conditional statements will always return 'True' or 'False', for example in the picture i made a list, added three strings, then for the condition for the while loop i said if these 2 string are in the 'my_list' then its true, and in the next lesson we will talk about 'and' and 'or' within python. But in any case when you are making a condition, just say it in your head and think will this return a boolean  


33 reads


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Keep reading, keep studying, the more you learn the more you change. If you are doing the Python lessons please join this discord channel but please follow the rules


python is a very good skill to learn and more and more companies are looking for people with this skill, why not teach it for free for everyone else since i knwo what to do