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Challenging the challenge

Challenging the challenge


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Challenging the challenge

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Change And Comfort Zone

Why is it that only 10 percent of the population is able to amass huge amounts of wealth and materialistic success but the rest 90 percent arent able to do so? The answer lies in:

  • Handling change
  • Getting out of our comfort zones


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Now materialistic success and wealth is not an indicator of true success but it sure is an aspect of it because mostly people having achieved such heights are living magical lives not because of the wealth but because of their overall view towards life.


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Comfort Zone

It is said that every magic happens out of the comfort zone, we often try to get out of our comfort zone but what we do next decides whether we will continue on the path of 10 percent or back down back to the 90 percent group


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"All growth starts at the end of your

comfort zone"


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Scenarios Of Change

When we get out of our comfort zone we are met with turbulence, we get scared. Now here we either get 2 responses:

  • Top 10 percent people will not be afraid of the turbulence, they will accept it as a part of the journey and with scary realistic optimism will push through the storm
  • The rest 90 percent people will just give up because of overthinking, self doubt and pessimistic attitude.


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Society Conditioning

Now the blame of not pushing thorugh the storm is not entirely upon oneself because it is also our society which has conditioned us to live a settled life, to not take risks which leads to staying stagnant.


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This tubulence that we face outside the comfort zone is nothing but change. Dont be afriad of change because it is test between you and your greatness.thi


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This gives rise to another thought which is 'attitude'.

No wonder there are many quotes on attitude, it is this attitude of the 10 percent people to believe in themselves, to believe in their vision and to be hopeful that this storm too shall pass.

This gives assurance to the next quote...


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"All Change is hard at fast, messy in the middle and gorgeous in the end"


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Accept change and turbulence as the part of the journey, it will scare the hell out of you but it certainly has a hidden gift which you receive when you get over this fear.


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