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I have always been a keen learner and it has affected me in lot of ways, finding my purpose eventually. We all should explore different areas of our lives and figure out what works for us the best.

What learning new stuff can do to us

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8 Benefits Of Learning

Whatever might be your age or interests learning something new is fun and exciting.

When we learn some new stuff or refresh old one we are becoming a more potential person. Rewiring our brains.

Here are 8 ways that learning will help you grow.

1) Improves Brain Function

When we learn, we are engaging our brain as a result new cells are formed. It helps us develop cognitive functions like concentration, detailing, memory recall etc.

2) Meet New People

Basically learning new stuff will introduce you to a whole new bunch of people from different backgrounds. It helps us increase our social ability.

3)Getting Connected To Community

An new stuff that we learn connects us to the members of the shared community thus again increasing our social interaction.

4) Sense Of Satisfaction

It is satisfying to achieve atleast one goal that we set as a part of our learning process. It helps us to continue our learning habit.

5) Fun

If we learn something that we always wanted to learn, something that keeps us engaged and away from all the daily struggles, we start to enjoy the process of learning thus again helping us to push ourselves.

6) Increases Job Opportunities

Anything that we love from web designing, editing, app development, playing instruments can help us secure a place at our desired destination.

As a Chinese proverb says " Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. "

7) It Is Rewarding

We are always greedy for rewards. Our mind wants to be rewarded. So after a tiring day that one dish you cooked perfectly as a part of your cooking lessons can be a lot satisfying and rewarding to your brain. It helps to calm a disturbed mind.

8) Keeps You Relevant

With this super fast growing world it is a need to stay updated about new things. Even at work places if you are stuck at those old ways you won't be able to cope up with the competition.

So summing up : learning is necessary and with all those skyscrapers around being up to date is a dir...


"Always walk through life as you have something new to learn and you will. "

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"Smart Contracts". Heard this term many times but what is it exactly and how can it make the world a better place?



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I tried to do MULTITASKING & found something to share which help anyone to do "REAL multitasking" .



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Who said learning a language needs to be boring and tiring? Is it possible to study while staying in bed, feeling comfy and cozy? The answer is YES!



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