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Ideas not going anywhere? Try these 5 tips on creativity from Isaac Asimov

Ideas not going anywhere? Try these 5 tips on creativity from Isaac Asimov


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Isaac Asimov's "On Creativity"

Over 50 years ago, science-fiction author Isaac Asimov wrote an essay on creativity, a must-read.

Scientist Arthur Obermayer found Asimov's "On Creativity" while clearing out some old files. Even though the essay was written half a century ago, its contents are high...

Creativity requires you to connect two unconnected ideas

What is needed is not only people with a good background in a specific field. People should be capable of connecting ideas that are not usually related.

Consider the theory of evolution, created by both Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace.

  • Both travell...

We have difficulty thinking of an idea even when we have all the facts in front of us. Thomas H. Huxley exclaimed after reading On the Origin of Species, "How stupid of me not to have thought of this."

Connecting unrelated ideas needs courage, as most peop...

Sometimes it's best to brainstorm by yourself

Creativity requires isolation. The creative person's mind is mixing information all the time, even if he is not conscious of it. Consider the famous example of Kekule working out the structure of benzene in his sleep.

The presence of others can disrupt this process since creation is embarra...

Creativity happens in collaborative environments too!

No two people have the exact mental stores of items. One person may know A but not B, and the other may know B but not A. If both know A and B, they may get the idea, but not simultaneously.

Further, the information may be a combination of A-B, which may not be significant. But if one menti...

Innovation happens when people are encouraged to discuss wild ideas without worrying about appearing stupid

There must be a sense of comfort, permissiveness and relaxation. Generally, people disapprove of creativity. To be creative in public can be worrisome.

Individuals must feel that other's won't make fun of them. Therefore, people must be willing to sound foolish and listen to others sound fo...

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