Job hopping shouldn’t be your first instinct. Try ‘job crafting’ instead - Deepstash
Job hopping shouldn’t be your first instinct. Try ‘job crafting’ instead

Job hopping shouldn’t be your first instinct. Try ‘job crafting’ instead

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Job crafting instead of job hopping

Job crafting instead of job hopping

Employees who want to join the Great Resignation may underestimate the switching cost and overestimate the potential satisfaction of a new job. Instead, they should seek opportunities to job craft. 

Job crafting is proactively customising tasks and relationships to create a fulfilling job. Job crafting takes self-awareness, awareness of others, and a willingness to stimulate change.


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Increasing structural resources

If you're feeling stifled at work and unable to operate in ways that you know are more efficient or productive, it may be time to increase your structural resources.

For example, make the decision to modify the tasks that seem unnecessary. Then, when you've made the change, document the rationale, experiment, evaluate, and iterate. Such changes can allow you to engage in more fulfilling, autonomous activities while helping to improve the organisation.


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Increasing social resources

Increasing social resources

If you feel like you're not getting new, thought-provoking feedback, advice, or mentorship, it might be time to pursue another form of job crafting, namely increasing social resources.

Social resources aren't always a given. So look outside your team, department, division, or company, to find the social resources to help you grow and develop.


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Increasing challenging demands

Increasing challenging demands

Increase your challenging demands if you feel bored or uninterested in your work assignments.

Spend a small percentage of your time on challenging assignments that help you develop your skillset and stay relevant. It’s your job to be the best employee you can be and often requires you to create these opportunities yourself.

Another option is to sit in on projects you find exciting but aren’t formally part of your responsibilities. Most of the time, you will be asked to participate.


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Decreasing hindrance demands

Job crafting can also mean decreasing stressful tasks or relationships.

  • Start by keeping track of your work activities for a few weeks. For each task and relationship, evaluate the degree to which it is energy-depleting.
  • Have conversations with colleagues or managers about re-negotiating your tasks or roles.


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Limitations of job crafting

Job crafting can fix a person-job misfit, but it can't fix systemic issues such as misalignment with organizational values.

Job crafting might not always be well-received. It could force colleagues to change when they don't want to change.

Job crafters could be seen as low performers because they spend time on unassigned responsibilities.


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