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11.0.0 - DMs & Groups

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11.0.0 - Overview

DMs and groups are now part of Deepstash, and much more:

  • Send a DM: message and share ideas with friends directly in Deepstash. You can also have a group!
  • Stash and react: it's now more straightforward to react or stash, from anywhere in the ap...

DMs & Groups

Did you find an idea you wanted to share with a friend? Have you wanted to ask a fellow stasher a question? Did you want to share interesting ideas with your work colleagues?

Now you can do all that directly in Deepstash.

We're introducing DMs and Groups and they work just as you woul...

Stash and React

We've rethought the way you can add a reaction or stash an idea to make it easier and quicker. It's one of those iterations that just make the app feel lighter.

Go into any content and you will see that the bottom of the screen now holds the react, stash, share and comment buttons, all the ...

Marks as read

If you've started a collection and for some reason just want to mark it as read - now you can do that. Go to the 3 dots on any collection and mark it so.

Do you read faster than the ideas are being marked? Tap on the eye icon on any idea and it will be marked as read right there and then.

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