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Reintroducing dinosaurs into our ecosystem

Reintroducing dinosaurs into our ecosystem

The new Jurassic World movie envisions a time when dinosaurs have started to reintegrate themselves as an ordinary part of our modern wildlife. Velociraptors stalk the woods like wolves. Men on horseback herd Parasaurolophus like cattle.

The premise raises interesting questions, such as what impact reintroducing dinosaurs into the wild will have on our ecosystem. 


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Problems living alongside dinosaurs

Problems living alongside dinosaurs

Prof Steve Brusatte, a palaeontologist at the University of Edinburgh and an advisor on Jurassic World Dominion, does not think introducing dinosaurs into the wild would be a good idea.

There have been many cases where a predator is introduced to an ecosystem and wreaks havoc. Introducing, for example, a T. rex could lead to some mammals going extinct. Giant herbivores like Brontosaurus could have a profound effect on crops or other important plants. 


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Whether dinosaurs could survive long enough in our modern world

Prof Steve Brusatte states that the vast majority of dinosaurs would never have seen a flower. Dinosaurs like Brontosaurus, Diplodocus, and Brachiosaurus lived in the Jurassic when there were no fruits or flowers. So, whether they could eat most of the food of today would be a big question.

Then there's our climate. There's much debate over whether dinosaurs were primarily cold-blooded or warm-blooded. The answer would greatly affect how easily dinosaurs could adapt to our environment.


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