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|HIPSTER| is a term used to describe a person :

“who embraces trends that are considered unconventional or alternative, particularly in fashion, music, lifestyle, and cultural choices. Hipsters often seek out unique and obscure experiences and may have a penchant for vintage or retro aesthetics.”



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1. Vintage typewriters

2. Craft beer

3. Vinyl records

4. Polaroid cameras

5. Kale smoothies

6. Thrift store shopping

7. Fixie bicycles

8. Pabst Blue Ribbon (ironically)

9. Avocado toast

10. Farmers markets

11. Local art shows

12. Vintage clothing

13. Mason jars

14. Urban gardening

15. Pour-over coffee

16. DIY crafts

17. Film photography

18. Bespoke anything

19. Beards and mustaches

20. Sustainability

21. Independent bookstores

22. Record players

23. Quirky socks

24. Cold brew coffee

25. Hand-lettering

26. Antique furniture

27. Beanies in summer

28. Wes Anderson films

29. Indie music festivals

30. Wooden everything


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(:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅[̲̅:♡:]̲̅:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅) S̶A̶V̶A̶G̶E̶

(:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅[̲̅:♡:]̲̅:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅) S̶A̶V̶A̶G̶E̶

31. Vegan cuisine

32. Knitting

33. Vintage posters

34. Retro video games

35. DIY kombucha

36. Vintage bicycles

37. Vintage maps

38. Cacti and succulents

39. Vintage suitcases

40. Farmers market tote bags

41. Polaroid wall displays

42. Edison bulbs

43. Urban exploration

44. Handmade soap

45. Woodworking

46. Unconventional hair colors

47. Vinyl wall art

48. Single-speed bicycles

49. Fermented foods

50. Thrift store art


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51. Artisanal cheeses

52. Vintage magazines

53. Repurposed furniture

54. Mismatched furniture

55. Natural and organic products

56. Local music scene

57. Vintage tees

58. Lomography

59. Handmade pottery

60. Repurposed mason jar lighting

61. Upcycled clothing

62. Vintage postcards

63. DIY home renovations

64. Film cameras

65. Pocket watches

66. Vintage lamps

67. Homemade candles

68. Bookbinding

69. Eco-friendly everything

70. Patchwork clothing

71. Vinyl wall decals

72. Urban beekeeping

73. Fair-trade products

74. Pop-up shops


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75. Craft fairs

76. Vintage luggage tags

77. DIY facial masks

78. Street art

79. Polaroid magnets

80. Vintage record players

81. Artisanal bread

82. Vintage telephones

83. Terrariums

84. Plant-based diets

85. Natural fibers

86. Vintage hats

87. DIY screen printing

88. Vintage cameras

89. Letterpress printing

90. Natural skincare

91. Vintage keychains

92. Urban farming

93. Vintage scarves

94. DIY furniture

95. Reclaimed wood

96. Second-hand everything

97. DIY succulent gardens

98. Vintage watches

99. DIY jewelry

100. Organic gardening


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1. **Vintage Clothing**: Hipsters often gravitate towards vintage and thrifted clothing, embracing styles from past decades, such as high-waisted jeans, retro band tees, and vintage dresses.

2. **Flannel Shirts**: The iconic flannel shirt is a staple in hipster fashion. It's often worn layered over t-shirts or tied around the waist for a casual and laid-back look.

3. **Beanies and Fedoras**: Accessories like beanies and fedora hats are popular among hipsters, adding a touch of individuality to their outfits.



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4. **Skinny Jeans**: Skinny jeans, preferably in a variety of colors, are a common choice in hipster wardrobes. They're often paired with oversized sweaters or graphic tees.

5. **Statement Glasses**: Thick-rimmed or vintage-inspired glasses, whether prescription or not, are a hipster fashion statement that adds an intellectual and trendy vibe.

6. **Unique Footwear**: Hipsters often opt for unconventional footwear like classic Converse sneakers, Doc Martens boots, or espadrilles, combining comfort and style.



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7. **Denim Jackets**: A well-worn denim jacket is a hipster favorite, either adorned with patches, pins, or left with a distressed look.

8. **Graphic Tees**: Vintage or retro graphic tees featuring obscure bands, pop culture references, or quirky designs are a key component of hipster fashion.

9. **Layered and Oversized**: Mixing and layering different textures and patterns, along with oversized garments like sweaters or cardigans, create a distinct hipster aesthetic.



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10. **Ethnic and Bohemian Influences**: Incorporating elements from various cultures, such as tribal prints, woven fabrics, and earthy tones, adds a bohemian touch to hipster outfits.

11. **Suspenders and Bow Ties**: For a more dressed-up hipster look, suspenders and bow ties can be added to the ensemble, often paired with rolled-up trousers.

12. **Tote Bags and Backpacks**: Practical yet stylish, tote bags featuring artistic designs or vintage logos, as well as minimalist backpacks, are popular accessories.



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