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How smart people decline.

How smart people decline.

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Overcomplicating Solutions.

Overcomplicating Solutions.

Smart people often believe that complex problems require equally convoluted solutions. This is not true.

Opportunity cost

Time is wasted when people use elaborate labels, formulas, or charts to compensate for uncertainty. The result? Wrong conclusions and a downward spiral.


  • Keep it simple - Avoid overanalyzing and complicating solutions.
  • Do the work -The more time is spent creating complex solutions, the less is being done to address the underlying problem.
  • Stay focused - Don't get distracted by unnecessary details and intricacies.


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Overlook "Other's Ideas".

Overlook "Other's Ideas".

Smart people work hard to get where they are and may dismiss lesser qualified people's opinions. This costs them their "best ideas". But in reality, "on the ground" people can have the best ideas.


  • Focus on letting the "best ideas" win
  • Set aside your ego
  • Acknowledge that great ideas can come from anyone
  • Ask and listen more, speak last


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Over-cling on Old Ideas:

Over-cling on Old Ideas:

Bright individuals are often rewarded for staying consistent in their field. However, limiting oneself to a specific niche can have its drawbacks.

The Downside of Specialization:

  • Missed Opportunities: Intelligent people sometimes cling to outdated ideas, even when presented with updated facts.
  • Slow growth: The only constant thing about the future is change. The person who consistently adapts is the one who thrives.
  • The Key to Survival: Be "strategically curious" and have a never-ending desire to learn and truly understand the core of things. The question "WHY?" can often provide critical insight.


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Being "smart" can be the reason for your decline. How? This is a dive into possible pitfalls that come with increasing intelligence ("booksmart").

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