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"In a society that convinces us that our parents are a hindrance and a burden. We often forget that our parents are in reality our most precious allies "



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The Sensitive Subject : Parents

I've seen persons who are capable of abandoning their parents when they start to get old. But then, maybe it's because they had a difficult childhood, because of abusive treatment, we're not in other people's lives. And that type of situations are not concerned by my reflection. Many people say that they are in no way indebted to their parents, that they owe them nothing, that they have no responsibility towards them. And they say these words with sush pride, such disdain...it's incomprehensible.....


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Your parents are the ones brought you up. Took care of you when you couldn't, loved you (and there's nothing purer than the love of a mother or a father). Accepted you as you are, forgiven your mistakes, guided you when you were lost. They're the ones who helped you when you fell. When you reach a crisis, they're the only ones who'll reach out to you without you even having to ask. And if you do, they won't hesitate for a second. THE ONLY PEOPLE YOU CAN TURN AND WALK AWAY FROM, WHEN YOU COME BACK THEY'LL WELCOME YOU WITH OPEN ARMS AND HEARTS. In a society that convinces us that parents are...


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Only love byyyeee


Never forget to think because the truth will never be handed to you on a silver platter.



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Never forget to think because the truth will never be handed to you on a silver platter. ×🌷×


Read, think by yourself and find the truth...

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