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Stop worrying about money

Stop worrying about money

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Why Worry?

Why Worry?

If something was guaranteed to you, would you worry about it? No, you wouldn’t. So when Allah says,

“There is no moving creature on earth but that its sustenance lies with Allah” Quran 11:6

Why do you then worry about money? If money were to sustain humans, then no billionaire would die and no poor would live.

Don’t choose that career because it has high-paying jobs. Choose what really interests you and makes you happy.


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But Still…

Yes, it’s true that you have to do something in order to earn some money. Why not do something you love and get what you deserve?

Why would you do something that you don’t like and try to earn what you don’t deserve?

  • Write down what you want to do
  • Learn about it
  • Obsess over it
  • Achieve Mastery


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Earn while doing what you love

  • do what you love
  • do it in public and gather an audience
  • monetize your audience by selling them your product

Social Media is the future. Do what you want to do but post on social media to get attention.

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Writer | Content Creator | Physics Lover | Programmer | Muslim


Stop trying to justify your reason to earn money as gaining "freedom". Let me ask you this. If I take away all of the money from you, would you have freedom? Freedom can never be taken. You have a really wrong definition of it.

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