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Being In The Moment

Glass is transparent, colourless and these makes it invisible even though it is valuable. This is because glass doesn't absorb

We should be like glass, shouldn't absorb any emotions, shouldn't judge anyone, letting people express themselves. This will make us valuable and we are scared of becoming invisible


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Wealth And Power

Porcelain used to be the symbol of wealth and power. Ring any porcelain cup to test it and it should reverberate. If it isn't fully formed then it won't be able to transmit through the cracks and sound becomes dull

When we are fully formed we should be able to reverberate knowledge insted of making it fall through our cracks. knowledge is wealth and power


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Materials around us are the complex expression of our needs and desires. In a way they give us our identity


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What Makes Us, Us

At atomic, nano, micro, macro, miniature and human scales the non living and living things are made of same things.

The difference is the extra connection achieved by having communication across these scales

Extra communication, extra connection, extra liveliness in our lives


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