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AI in Education: From Chalkboards to Chatbots

AI in Education: From Chalkboards to Chatbots

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In recent years, Artificial Intelligence has become a powerful tool, transforming many industries. Education, usually slow to adopt new technology, is now experiencing a significant transformation due to AI. From personalised learning to assessment systems, AI is improving the way we learn and making education more accessible.


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Personalised Learning

One of the most impactful application of AI in education is personalised learning. AI-powered platforms analyse each student’s learning style, strengths, and weaknesses to create customised learning paths and experiences.

For example, platforms like DreamBox ( use adaptive learning technology to adjust lesson difficulty and pace based on real-time student performance. This keeps students engaged and challenged to improve their learning outcomes. 


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AI Assessment

Traditional assessment methods are manually handled by trainers and often don’t provide timely feedback, which is important for effective learning. AI tools can evaluate student performance instantly, giving immediate feedback and highlighting areas for improvement. These tools can assess not only MCQs but also complex assignments and essays.

For example, Grammarly and Turnitin help evaluate written content, check for originality, and suggest improvements.


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Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) use AI to offer personalised tutoring. These systems understand and respond to each student’s learning needs, providing explanations, hints, and feedback.

For example, Carnegie Learning’s MATHia gives students customised math instruction and feedback. ITS can greatly improve learning by offering one-on-one support, which is often missing in traditional classroom settings.


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Automation of Administrative tasks

AI can automate and simplify administrative tasks in schools. Chatbots and virtual assistants can answer routine questions, schedule appointments, and manage workflows. This automation reduces the workload for educators and ensures students and their parents get timely and accurate information.


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Predictive Analytics

Educational institutions are leveraging AI for predictive analytics to improve student retention and success rates. By analysing data on student performance, attendance, and engagement, AI can predict which students are at risk of falling behind or dropping out. Educators can then intervene proactively and offer support and resources to help these students succeed.


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AI is set to transform education with personalised learning, smart assessments, and efficient administrative tasks. While the benefits are huge, challenges like data privacy, the digital divide, resistance to change, and ethical issues need to be addressed. By adopting AI carefully and responsibly, schools can improve learning, increase accessibility, and prepare students for the future.


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