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Acceptance Is Key To An Overall Healthy Growth

Acceptance Is Key To An Overall Healthy Growth

Most a times, what takes us from 100 to 0 real quick are things we have refused to accept.

  • Accept that a loved one is gone 😞
  • Accept that you will not be liked by all 🤗
  • Accept that you might never taste the sweetness of love ❤️
  • Accept that you might not get that house 🏡 you want
  • Accept that life is unfair. You’ll do it all and still end up at the bottom of the pyramid

Mastering the act if acceptance means you’ll almost certainly wake with zero worries.


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The Power of Forgiveness 🙏

Have you been hurt by someone?
Don't let their actions keep hurting you.
Forgive and let go for the sake of your well-being. Here's why:

  1. Holding onto anger and resentment harms your health.
  2. Forgiving releases the negative energy and sets you free.

💭 Remember: Forgiveness doesn't excuse the hurtful actions, it empowers you to move on.


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Having Lots Of Friends Is Really Cool

Having Lots Of Friends Is Really Cool

The importance of having true friends is often underestimated, causing some to keep a small circle. However, having many true friends can enhance one's life in multiple ways.

  • Support system:
  • Different perspectives:
  • Fun and excitement

If you have a friend who is your safe haven, imagine having a pool of friends like that. Remember, you attract the type of friends you have. So, embrace and appreciate your true friends.


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You Will Mess Up With Money 💰🤣

You Will Mess Up With Money 💰🤣

🤦‍️Don't Worry, Money Can Be Tricky💰

- Everyone Messes Up With Money and That's Normal - No one is Perfect at Managing Money - Experience and Skills Won't Guarantee Perfect Handling of Money

- Learn from Your Mistakes and Keep Taking Risks, Especially with Investments - Taking Risks May Help You Find the Best Ways to Invest, Save, or Spend Money

✨💡Remember: It's a Process, Keep Learning and Growing 📈


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Support Is Not Always There When You Most Need It

Support Is Not Always There When You Most Need It

Steve Harvey once told his kids “ When i am gone, i want you to remember that someone cared more about you than he did himself, and i want you to care for someone more than you care for yourself “

People will come into your life when you have lost hope. And these people will probably have nothing to do with knowing you or any family member.

Somewhere somehow, Someone would want to care for you more than they care about themselves. Nature has a way of balancing itself. Always.


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The Power of Conversations with The Elderly

The Power of Conversations with The Elderly

The best conversations are often had with older generations, such as your grandparents. These exchanges can offer valuable insight into your roots, worth, and purpose, giving you a sense of motivation to create a lasting legacy.


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The World

The World

Unfortunately. The saddest truth today is that the world is not getting better.

The scariest part is this is as a result of human activities and interactions with nature.

Childhood memories, honesty, empathy, erc are not as true and pure as before. They rarely even exist today. Kids are buried under screens, adults buried under piles of lies, laziness and fake lives.

Enjoy every good moment you have now.


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Life is a series of choices. And your choices have consequences.


From the joy of birth to growth. The sadness in watching a baby turn to an adult. The trials. The tribulations. The joy. The sadness. And everything in between till the end. Humanity has always been a constant unending circle. Study and learn. Here are 10 random things i feel i should share.

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