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The Listening Frequency Of The Universe

The Listening Frequency Of The Universe

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Sympathetic Resonance

Sympathetic Resonance

Even Scientists have discovered that the Universe & Energy has a frequency called the 'sympathetic resonance' where the Universe & Energy, 'sympathizes' with Us.

And this sympathetic resonance is the same Listening Frequency that We talked about Earlier. It is in fact - Impeccable & Powerful. That they would even React in Mysterious of Ways, Calculative, accordingly to Our Needs & cries for Help.

This Frequency also Exists in Mother Nature.


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Like the cartoon & movies, Superman. Where he can listen to everything, and focalize his attention. Similairly, the Universe does the same thing.


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How To Access The Listening Frequency

How To Access The Listening Frequency

There are many ways. One way you can achieve this is by simply speaking towards it. Try it, talk to yourself and direct it to the Universe. You will be able to feel a good felt sensation.

The second way is by Light Pointing. Put out a finger, & summon Light on your finger by intentioning Light. Then point it to the Universe with something to say. For example; "Dear Universe, please get me to the Light World." The Universe will cause what I like to call, 'Starbursts' whenever each point would meet.

You will be able to hear the Light when you put it close to your ears. This thing is amazing.


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The Universe actually has A 'Listening Frequency' where they Hear Everything & also Experience Everything. And this Listening Frequency can actually be readily accessed by anyone & everyone.

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