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There's A Big Difference Between Millennials And Generation Z

There's A Big Difference Between Millennials And Generation Z


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There's A Big Difference Between Millennials And Generation Z

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Defining Millennials

Millennials were born between 1981 and 1996.

Similar to how baby boomers were named after an increase in birth rate after World War II, millennials were named because their upbringing took place at the turn of the millennium - a time known for digital advances, innovation, and the end of an era as we knew it.


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  • Millennials are the children of baby boomers and were raised with the mindset of 'We want it to be easier for our children than it was for us.'
  • Millennials were around for the rise of the internet and came to age alongside the internet. A good way to describe millennials is technology-dependent, not technology-savvy.
  • Millennials got hammered by student loan debt, which was then compounded by the Great Recession. The results are years of economic struggle and delayed major milestones such as starting families and buying houses.
  • They were the first to force others to break stereotypes of their generation.


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The children of Generation X are known as Generation Z. They were born between 1997 and 2012. Gen X's main parenting goal was to raise their children so they do not end up like millennials.

Gen Z turns to the web for everything, from entertainment to news. They choose the entertainment of YouTube or TikTok over traditional outlets and spend about 50 hours per week on social media.


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  • The Great Recession had a significant impact on Gen Z, but with positive results. Gen Z witnessed their parents lose jobs and houses, and watched the economy crash. However, they were young enough to change their perspective. They are probably the most informed and responsible of all the generations.
  • Gen Zs are very practical with their money. They are savers and try to graduate college with little debt.
  • Gen Z is passionate about social causes such as the environment and social justice.
  • They are an incredibly diverse generation and setting good trends.


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